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my expectations.”

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Girish Kumar

CEO of Fusecup


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Matthew Mercer

CEO at Tech Talent Delivery

“I engaged with Logolivery to design a logo and brand book for my new start-up and couldn't be happier with the results. Iryna and the team were really attentive to what I was looking for, and responded quickly to any questions I had. They produced some excellent concept logos and colour palettes, which resulted in a high-quality brand book that we're delighted with. I wouldn't hesitate to use them again, thank you again Iryna and the Logolivery team!”

Aymeric du Bouchet

Founder of ExecPal

“Efficient process and happy with the result.”


Startup Founder

“If you're a startup, Logolivery is the ideal option. I am extremely grateful to Artur for creating a stunning logo for my company. I wholeheartedly endorse their services!”

J Hill

Founder of Character Class

“Using Logolivery was a great experience and I highly recommend it. It was great and worked with me to make a logo that met all my needs and fit the style I wanted. Definitely going back for any design needs.”


Startup Founder

“Logolivery is more than excellent it's perfect! I ordered a logo earlier this week and am so surprised by the result! It's so professional, clean, and minimalist. Their brand book is excellent and answers a lot of questions. Highly recommend

Postwell Co-founder avatar

Guy Pinchuk

Co-Founder & CTO at Cubic

“Great concept, super easy to use, and communication with the designers and the team is awesome!”

Postwell Co-founder avatar

Antoine Milkoff

CEO of Postwell and unmake.io

“Postwell now has a logo, and it's absolutely awesome. A huge thanks to logolivery who made this logo for us with love from Ukraine”

Postwell Co-founder avatar

Scott Lesser

Startup Founder

“Logolivery did a fantastic job of delivering a well-thought logo and brand for an incredibly reasonable price!”

Postwell Co-founder avatar

Fernando Kylas

CEO at Fourlines Design Studio

“Pavel has been very communicative throughout the process, and the results are fantastic.”

Postwell Co-founder avatar

Sara Boudam

Co-founder of Postwell

“Had the best experience with Logolivery, they are truly talented designers who love their job and it shows! Thank you for the wonderful logo you designed, I’m in love with it”

Postwell Co-founder avatar

Girish Kumar

CEO of Fusecup

“Logolivery is a fantastic design agency that has truly exceeded my expectations. They were able to create an amazing logo for my company that perfectly captures the essence of our brand. Not only that, but we have also been utilizing their Logolivery+ service to help us with various design problems, and we have been amazed by their creativity and problem-solving skills.”

Postwell Co-founder avatar

Gustav Ekerot

Product Designer at tabExtend

“Shout-out to the Logolivery team, they are such a pleasure to work with. Quick turnaround and excellent result, highly recommended”

Postwell Co-founder avatar

Adam Říha

CEO of PostFlow

“Super fast delivery. Great communication. Eye-catching design.”

Postwell Co-founder avatar

Kenneth Mak

Founder of Shopmatey

“Thanks to Logolivery, I was able to get a neat and well thought out logo. It is definitely a great service at an affordable price”

Postwell Co-founder avatar

Andrew Kozik

CEO of Lemons

“Thank you for the logo. The folks created the logo exactly how I imagined it in my head. Special thank you to Rina, she made final fixes even on a weekend.”

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